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        Other Links at Shimmerzone

LifeSource Christian Resource Center and Chat Site - This is a BRAND NEW Christian site with music, games for kids of all ages, Chat Room and other interesting Christian Resources. This site is a compilation of effort between Shimmer, Methuselah and major. All are welcome to visit!

Sound Wavs-Click here to find Christian Wavs and other music links.

Friends Pages-Click here to see some Christian Home Pages made by some very nice people.

Links for Daily Living-Click here for Various Christian Links to help you in your daily walk with God.

Shimmer's Search Engines-Click here to find LOTs of Christian Search Engines; Includes some Secular Search Engines as well.

Links to Christian Email Cards-Click here to find some AWESOME Christian (free) Email Card sites, not just secular but nice".

Links to Christian News Sourcesand Other Articles-Click here to find links for news that affects Christians all around the world.

Messianic and Christian Links-Under Construction until the Rapture- Links to Messianic and Christian news, articles and other information.

Links for on-line Bibles-Different versions of on-line Bibles. Also has links to many Bibles in different languages.

Graphics Links-(Still under construction at this time) Links to Christian Graphics sources.

Biblical Prophecy Links-(Still under construction at this time too!) Links for reading Biblical Prophecy as it pertains to our everyday life.

Shimmer's Webrings PageThis is a great place to find OTHER Christian sites that might interest you. You could spend days here.

Shimmer's Message Board-the message board is currently defunct. Come back another time, I hope to find another working message board system. In the meantime, check out

        Voice Chat  

Voice Chat isn't working anymore, either. I hope to find another. Please check back soon. 4/30/01.

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Every once in a while, we need a web-based e-mail account for various reasons.  Here's your chance to get a free account where your personal information won't be given away or sold to ANYONE.

To log in to your FREE  Shepherd_Mail account, fill in the form below; If you don't yet have a free account, you can sign up below, too!

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