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                               Live and/or Interactive Bible Studies On-Line

                             The following Links are to various sites that have Live, on-line Bible studies
                             or they provide vital Bible verses for studing on-line.  I know there are
                             MANY sites that can provide studies via EMAIL, but this page is devoted
                             to those studies where you can participate in the study while on-line.

                             If you become aware of, or know of other sites which provide LIVE studies,
                             Please let me know so I can check it out and add it here!!
                                           Friday - 7:00 CST  "Prayer and praise"
                                           Saturday - 10:00  CST *new one*  "Foundation and Fire"

                                  Church Homes Network On-Line Bible Study

                                Christianity On-Line (AOL users only)
                                            Singles' Bible Study, Women's Bible Study, Teen Bible Study

                                   Theos Forums Home Page
                                           Thursday - 9:00 PM EST

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