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Christian Wavs and Music Links  
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If you see any images or wavs have ANY copywrite infringements, PLEASE   let me know so I can give proper credit! IF any copywrite laws apply, PLEASE make sure I know so I can attribute properly or remove any violations! I don't want to break any laws or cause anyone undue harm in any way and I don't want to cheat ANYONE out of their good, hard work.  If you know of more wavs or links that you believe could/should be added, let me know that, too.  If they fit into the scheme of this site, I'd be happy to include them!

If you want to have them, please download into your own computer--with Netscape, use "right click", and "save image as"--REMEMBER where you put it.  Feel free to add my collection to your own. If you have any, let me know, perhaps I'll add your site to my links, too! They take a few minutes to download, but are SO worth the wait!
Below the wavs are links to Email cards, Biblical Prophecy links, Christian Graphics sources, Messianic News, and more. Just click on the link and you are there. There is so much to see, that it's possible this page will be under construction until the rapture! Suggestions would are great! I welcome them, so feel free to contact me, even if it's just to say "HI"!

God Bless, and thanks for the visit!  

Another Shimmerzone site
     This is a Christian site devoted to God who deserves all Glory, Honor and Praise.


"Be Still & Know I am God", 490.1K
    See the link to the author's page below, BE STILL

"23rd Psalm", 432.4K
     Same author as above, see link below

"Make a Joyful Noise", 449.7K
     Same author as above, see link below

"Find It On the Wings of Love", 421.3K
     Sandi Patty

"The Old Rugged Cross", 2.0MB
     Carman; a classic and very well done! Takes a while to load, but WELL worth it!

"I Pledge Allegiance To the Lamb", 765.3K
      Ray Boltz

 Links to Christian Wavs  

     MPG and Video downloads, Christian music and other great Christian Links

     Be Still and Know I am God
     a place to order the complete CD of Scriptures as above

     Penguin's Christian Wavs
     Download and/or listen to this page of Christian Wavs
     Stormy Gale's Favorite Christian Wavs
     Full Length Christian music Wavs

     The Sounds of CMP
    Christian music in Wavs and Real Audio Format

     Contemporary Christian Music
     Christian music in RealAudio format

     Davy's Christian Music Links
     List of Christian Artists and their homepages; you can listen to some music clips

     Independent Christian Music Listening Area
     Listen via RealAudio to various show-cased Christian musical artists

More Christian Links From Shimmer 

LifeSource Christian Resource Center and Chat Site
     Click here to visit me, Joker, Lou-Wow and others in the Grand Central chatroom or just check out some of the other Christian links

FRIEND'S Home Pages
     Click here to see my friends' & family's Home Pages with more links on them

Christian Search Engines
     Click here for Search Engines; most are Christian, a couple are not.

Christian Email Cards
     Click here for Christian-centered Email Cards and more.

Christian News Links and Sources
     Click here for News and articles that affect the way we Christians live.
Graphics Sources and Links
     Click here to see the Graphics acknowledgements and links.
Christian WebRings  
     Click on some of these Web-rings to visit other Christian pages

Miscellaneous Links for Christian Living
     Click here for links for Apologetics, Christian Financial Information and other Links

Christian and Messianic Links
     A place to find some Christian and Messianic news and sources of   information

Biblical Prophecy Links
     Some links to find Biblical Prophecy in today's terms

Bibles On-line Links
    Links to find Bibles on line in different versions and languages

LIVE, On-line Bible Studies
    Links to find LIVE, Bible Studies on-line. No Special software or downloads are necessary!

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