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          Welcome to Shimmer's World of Christian Wavs, Images, and Links for Christian Living and more!


These pages are specifically to guide you to areas with Christian themes that appear theologically sound without any judgement and/or criticism of any particular religious doctrines or values.

Unless otherwise specified,the links on these pages will lead you SOLELY to sites of Christian nature and ideology not to what is considered "secular but nice".

Hi there. I'm sorry for the long delay in updating these pages. I hope you will bear with me as I begin the long-neglected task of fixing dead links and adding new items to each page!

This is NOT commercial-oriented website, and items for sale don't fit the scheme here. If you know of anyplace new, please let me me know so I can add them. I have a new email address and a new outlook on life again.

Bookmark this page; I'll add, delete and change periodically as I find new and exciting places of Christian interest that might not necessarily be found in other pages.

Thanks for visiting! God Bless those who believe!

LifeSource Christian Resource Center and Chat Site 11/15/01 - This is a Christian site with music, games for kids of all ages, a Chat Room and other interesting Christian Resources. This site is a compilation of effort between Shimmer, Methuselah, Lou-Wow and Joker. All are welcome to visit! We are in the process of remodeling - so please watch your step!

Sound Wavs - Click here to find Christian Wavs and other music links.

Friends Pages - Click here to see some Christian Home Pages made by some very nice people.

Links for Daily Living - Click here for Various Christian Links to help you in your daily walk with God.

Shimmer's Search Engines - Click here to find LOTS of Christian Search Engines; Includes some Secular Search Engines as well.

Links to Christian Email Cards - Click here to find some AWESOME Christian (free) Email Card sites, not "just secular but nice".

Links to Christian News Sources and Other Articles - Click here to find links for news that affects Christians all around the world.

Messianic and Christian Links -Under Construction until the Rapture- Links to Messianic and Christian news, articles and other information .

Biblical Prophecy Links - (Still under construction at this time)  Links for reading Biblical Prophecy.


Links for on-line Bibles - Different versions of on-line Bibles. Also has links to many Bibles in different languages.

Graphics Links -(under construction at this time) Links to Christian Graphics sources.

Shimmer's Webrings Page - This is a great place to find OTHER Christian sites that might interest you. You could spend days here.

The Valley, NEW - Click here to get Free Christian Email Service and/or to join in your own private chat with other friends.


                              SPECIAL Thanks to In His Image, whose graphics you'll see throughout this entire site.           

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