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Shimmer's Friends' Pages
Click on the Photographs so you can visit the Home Pages. Enjoy!

Kelly has prepared a page full of great links with some pictures of her kids.

  Dreamer, from another chatroom, has created her own webpage for Christian Graphics.

My daughter, "Medlie"  (left), has prepared a cute site for you to visit with links & things.

Playasong (left), from and with her family, made this page.

  Always under construction, Nick is creating his own page here.

Links to Other Friends' Home Pages

LifeSource     Combination room with Methuselah, one of the two best cyber "big brothers" I've ever had, and a new friend, major. Come join us!

LOST DOG     Meet Lost Dog, an enigmatic young man, seeking God's Face, and his own role in God's Plan.

ONHIGH     Spend some time with OnHigh, her family, and her links of Christian interest.

CALEB     Caleb, has been hard at work developing his website. Go see what his page offers and encourage my friend!

 Shimmer & Betty  This is a picture of Shimmer (left) and Betty (right) from our "college daze".

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