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Christian Email Cards
Shimmer's Email Cards 
I looked for, and found, several Email (aka: electronic) cards
that were specifically geared at Christians by Christians. 

As of 11/18/2001 all links here are working.
The following are the results of what I found out there. If you should
find any others, PLEASE let me know so they can be included
in this listing.  All I ask is that they be CHRISTIAN in nature,
"not secular but nice".  Many thanks!
Face to Face Email Cards (one of my  personal favorites)
Heartlight Cards
In Hymn E-Cards
Psalm E-Cards
Spirit's Post Office
Koinania House E-Cards 
Christian Themed Cards
CJ's Specialties, Free Christian E-Cards
Healing Love Outreach Ministries Post Cards
Biblenet Christian Postcards
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Special thanks to In His Image for
use of their backgrounds & images

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