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                                           This is a collection of Bible Sites found while browsing
                                           the Internet.   I've divided the collection into two sections:
                                           the first section contains  links to sites with collections of
                                           different versions of on-line Bibles.  I've tried to include a
                                           brief description-more may be on the page than what I've
                                           put here; the second are actual sites of Bibles in various
                                           languages.  Further proof that God exists everywhere!

I'm so very sorry for the inconvenience. Please be aware that as of 11/18/2001, this page is under construction. During my year's absence, many of the links were no longer valid, and I don't want your precious time wasted. Please return soon; I'll have newer, up-to-date and WORKING links to Bibles you can find online. Thank you for understanding!
                                           There are so many sites out there worthy of inclusion in
                                           this collection; if you should come across places that
                                           you feel would fit well here, please feel free to let me know.
                                            1.   Audio Bible  Listen to the Bible via Real Audio 


                                                International Language Bibles

Finnish Hungarian
Indonesian Spanish Arabic
Afrikaans  Portugues  Latin Vulgate
Norsk Czech Hebrew Names Version
Turkish Audio Bible
                                               La Bibbia (Italian)                        (Bulgarian)




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                                                Links to Live, On-line Bible Studies;
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                                           Special thanks to In His Image graphics
                                                                         for use of their graphics and background


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